Council of Saints: Holy Martyr Deacon Habakkuk of Belgrade and Holy Martyr Hegumen Paisios

Season: 2020 | Episode: 47 | Date: December 30, 2020


“There is no better faith than that of Christians,
a Serb belongs to Christ, he rejoices at death;
The dread judgment of God awaits for Turks as well,
So do as you please!
Your comeuppance is close at hand
God is the witness and His is the justice!”

Troparion, 4th tone

As true soldiers of Christ,
you shone forth with meekness and humility
and for Christ you suffered courageously,
O Holy Martyrs Paisius and Habakkuk,
but your deaths proclaim to all
hat it is better to die for Christ and for one’s country
than without Christ to gain the whole world.

Kontakion, 3rd tone.

In this world you lived like angels
and by your lives fulfilled the Gospel.
You laid down your souls for faith and country,
in death you showed yourselves to be stronger than your tormentors,
therefore we celebrate your memory,
O holy venerable martyrs Paisius and Habakkuk.

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